’11 the year of the QR Code??

Jeff Utecht, who blogs at The Thinking Stick, has gone out on a limb and predicted that QR codes willl be the next big thing. He might be right, too; his track record for predictions is spot on for the last four years. And the technology is dirt simple.

Just download a QR Code reader onto your handphone (I got Bee Tagg for my Blackberry), and you’re all set to decipher codes like this, which I posted on the senior bulletin board at 8:30 Monday morning.
QR 1
I made the QR Code at a code generator site. You can enter a text message, a link, or a phone number. Jeff has included some great ideas for using QR Codes in and around school.

6 thoughts on “’11 the year of the QR Code??

  1. If you haven’t tried it yet you might want to take a look at Microsoft Tag. It gives you some more flexibility than QRcodes. I’m actually the community manager so of course I’m bias but I’d love to get your feedback and if you have any questions about Tag just let me know.


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