The teaching of ICT in our SD is fully integrated; ICT is not taught in isolation as a separate subject. During the lesson planning process the classroom teachers sit down with the ICT teacher and together they decide how ICT can complement the classroom teachers’ objectives, so that each new computer skill learned is immediately applied in the classroom. The system appears to be working brilliantly.

Grade 6 at Sekolah Bogor Raya was selected for the computer skills component in the ICAS test. These tests were taken in August near the beginning of our school year and therefore they represent the previous (several) years teaching and learning. Our results, one gold and three silver medals, clearly vindicate our investment in ICT.

Our gold medal winner, Vida, scored 32 out of a possible 35. The three silver medalists, Aditya, Devia, and Putri, scored 31. In the field of 9472 regional participants, our 11 contestants averaged 29.4 compared to 22.8 for the region. Question #21 was missed by all four of our medalists and #35 was answered correctly only by our gold medalist. Both of these questions concern the internet / email. #21 required understanding of Cc and Bcc fields in an email, while #35 required identification of the complete file path name for a URL.

Vida, Aditya, Devia, Putri
These 4 students have been at SBR 4 to 7 years (mean 5.5), long enough for the school to have exerted an effect on their academic achievement. Having just read a fascinating commentary* titled Parents’ effort key to child’s educational performance, which states that “the researchers found that parents’ effort is more important for a child’s educational attainment than the school’s effort, which in turn is more important than the child’s own efort”, I asked our medalists the folowing question. How would you rate the relative contributions of your parents, yourself and your school in development of your computer skills? Most of them rated parental assistance highly, and our gold medalist said her father worked in IT and had encouraged her.

*The research is published in full.
Gianni De Fraja, Tania Oliveira, Luisa Zanchi. “Must Try Harder: Evaluating the Role of Effort in Educational Attainment”. Review of Economics and Statistics August 2010, Vol. 92, No. 3: 577.

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